client testimonials

I did my research for at least 5 years and in the course of my research the buildings of the Akshay Group prominently stood out both in terms transparency and the smoothness of the venture.

When I had started looking for developers for redeveloping my property I was absolutely sure that the reliability of the developer would be my ace priority. This was enough for me to finalize the Akshay Group for the redevelopment of my property.

I distinctly remember that 7 buildings including mine, from our locality, had gone for redevelopment at the same time in 2010. Construction work for 4 of those buildings has stopped completely, some due to lack of funds and others due to failure in obtaining BMC sanctions. In a couple of cases the old buildings have not yet been demolished. Today I have moved back into my new home with my family. I thank my stars to have trusted Aroraji with my home and not the others. I have been lucky indeed.

- MR. N.D. ACHARYA (Landlord), Sai Astha

In fact, the executives and architects of akshay group went out of their way to incorporate small nuances to our flat designs - changes custom made for each of the tenants.

We all have dreams to own a house in Mumbai someday. It has such a great prestige value attached to it. Considering how the property rates have shot up in Mumbai, this dream had begun to dwindle at one point. But then this Redevelopment venture happened. And just like that, after having lived for decades as a tenant, I now have become the owner of a flat in Mumbai.

During the course of this venture all our demands were considered and discussed with utmost dedication. We half expected our requests to be dismissed off but not once did they make us feel like a burden on them. It has truly elevated our lives.

- MR. RASHES SARAIYA (Tenant), Sai Astha

Every decision taken, either about the aesthetics of the building or our flats or about the documentation process, was always carried out only after due consultation with us.

When we were looking towards the redevelopment of our society, a lot of developers approached. Our society wanted a very lucrative offer, but what was more important for us was reliability of the developer. After all we were going to hand over our homes to this company, and blindly trust it by allowing them to break our homes down and some day give us bigger spaces and a better lifestyle. And that is precisely when Akshay Group approached us. Of course they made us a good offer but their patience & sensitivity towards our nervousness elevated our faith in the Group. Every member of the Society was given the open right to call them up and voice their queries during any hour of the day. It has been more than a decade since our building went into redevelopment and new spacious flats were handed over to us. But even today, the executives of Akshay Group go out of their way to guide and help us through, whenever we find ourselves in need.

- MR. BHUPESH TRIVEDI (Society Member), Sai Aishwarya

But this larger than life falcon, exuding this fierce unconquerable pride, showed us that living in buildings with elegant and classy architectural designs can be dreamt by us, the middle class, too.

Ashok Nagar, at one point, used to be a pretty small and secluded place in Kandivali. I remember about a decade ago, adjoining one of the crossroads of our area, a bungalow was under redevelopment. It seemed like just another building construction work. But once the project started to take shape, it created a buzz. The primary reason being - a Massive Giant Falcon that stood mounted right in the center of the building, facing the crossroad.

Sai Sadan the project was called, and even today, the falcon remains a major landmark in the area. Only a person with a vision can come up with breakthroughs like these. When the topic of redevelopment of our society was raised, Akshay Group was unanimously chosen as our developer, because even we wished to reap benefits of the vision this Group possessed. And the quality of my new home given to me has further elevated their stature in my eyes.

- CHANCHAL VASANT GANGAR (Society Member), Sai Armaan

It brings us great relief knowing that a Company like Akshay Group is now handling our Redevelopment venture.

When Akshay Group took on our Redevelopment venture in the year 2014, they not only got the project back on track financially, but were also able to work around & meet all the stringent BMC norms and finally procured the IOD for our project. This was a huge step for us. The Classical British Elevation of the Victorian era that the Akshay Group has proposed for our new building is the first of its kind in Ghatkopar. I and all our Society Members are truly excited to be able to live in a building as beautiful as what the Akshay Group has envisioned for us.

- MR. DEEPAK SHAH (Secretary), Mathura

In fact, when i read the sale agreement i realized that they had not only included everything i had requested for, but had also added certain clauses safeguarding my interests, which i had happened to miss out on.

In the year 2000, I had bought a flat in one of Akshay Group’s initial projects - Sai Sadan. Since I was unsure, I did due diligence and checks regarding all necessary documentation and found that there seemed to be absolute transparency in the way this company operated. I decided to go ahead and buy the flat. When reading the Sale agreement, I realized that apart from what I had requested, they had also added certain clauses safeguarding my interests. This spoke a lot about the vision and philosophy of this company.

Sai Sadan has been in such excellent condition that we have hardly needed any major repair works. In 2012, when I was in a lookout for yet another flat, Akshay Group was the first Developer I approached. And as soon as they announced their project Sai Astha, I went ahead and booked a flat in it. As usual, I WAS PROMISED POSSESSION IN 2014 AND, TRUE TO THEIR WORD, I WAS GIVEN POSSESSION OF MY FLAT BANG ON TIME.

- DR. MAHESH SWAMI (Client), Sai Sadan & Sai Astha