The statistics say it all. Over 60% of Mumbai is in dire need of face-lifting. The figures are in tens of thousands with most residential buildings built before 1980s, some even prior to the 60s.

As such real estate redevelopment has been an impending concern with the most of Mumbai. Innumerable old buildings across the city are in a dilapidated state, with their structural strength weakening at an alarming pace. A majority of the families living in these older structures wish to live in a better, modern living space, in sync with contemporary lifestyle!

Redevelopment is the much needed solution. The following are the benefits of Redevelopment for the Existing Residents of Old Buildings:


A new building has a stronger structural strength that provides families with a safe & protected habitat.


A new building guarantees no major repairs for decades & hence reduces repair – related costs drastically.


A new building is constructed using modern techniques and by strictly adhering to the latest BMC norms. It is therefore up to date with modern technology besides having all the safety requirements in place.


The new building provides bigger flats to live in, in the form for additional room or larger room size, which makes for quality living spaces.


The value of the flats in a new building, with a strong structure, with better lifestyle options & equipped with modern amenities, is substantially appreciated.


For tenants living in Pagdi flats, Redevelopment provides a huge opportunity to finally own a flat in this City of Dreams.

The Akshay Group is famously known to have realized many such impending dreams, across Mumbai, through this tool of Redevelopment.

Case Studies


The landlords of a weak dilapidated building were on the lookout for a Construction Developer of repute, to redevelop their old building. The search went on for nothing less than five years. In the period of which, the landlords...

Kandivli east

Ashok Nagar at one point, was a pretty small and secluded place in Kandivili with a huge market waiting to be taken over by Real Estate Developers. In such a lucrative market, the members of an old building set out to redevelop their...

Juhu Scheme

After having catered to the northern belt of Mumbai, Akshay Group wished to spread its wings further by flaunting its architectural finesse in the luxury segment too. The Juhu - Versova belt is what the company targeted.


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client testimonials

I insisted on meeting the person at the helm of the Company and not mere executives at the Akshay Group. To my surprise Aroraji the M.D. of the Company made himself available almost right away. His down to earth nature and the sincere humility inspired great faith in me, which was subsequently also emulated in the reconstruction of our building. Today I have moved back into my new home with my family.

- Mr. N.D. Acharya, Landlord, Sai Astha

What inspired our faith in Akshay Group was their warmth and professionalism. Ofcourse, they made us a good offer but what mattered more was their transparency and the patience with which they addressed our concerns. During the course of the redevelopment, each & every question of ours was diligently considered and responded with prompt & detailed explanations. Every decision taken, was always carried out only after due consultation with us. In fact, even today the executives of Akshay Group go out of their way to help us when we find ourselves in need.

- Mr. Bhupesh Trivedi, Society Member, Sai Aishwarya

When we considered the option of Redevelopment of our Bungalow, our family was unanimously clear about how spectacular we wished for our new building to look. After all a home is not just a rectangular box one lives in. It also defines ones position & standing in his social circle. We were fully aware that expecting our building to stand out in a prime neighborhood as Juhu would be quite a steep task which would require nothing less than an experienced mastermind with a farsighted vision. But Akshay Groups dynamism coupled with Mr. Reza Kabul’s sublime artistry is what made Lal Kamal’s dream a reality for us. As my wife even today proudly says “I challenge a man to walk past my home and not admire its beauty”. This I believe perfectly sums up what we feel for our new abode.

- Mr. Khanna, Bungalow Owner