Authority testimonials

A striking aspect of the Akshay Group is their dedicated efforts for obtaining the O.C (occupation certificate) for their buildings. Each & every project of theirs has its O.C obtained from the BMC

Over my 15 years of association with the Akshay Group, one practice of theirs that has truly impressed me, is their insistence on moving ahead with any construction only after all the required NOC’s & BMC permissions have been fully procured. Getting some of these permissions is very time consuming, and a lot of developers get irritated. But the Akshay Group has always been patient which has seen not only them but also their customers in good stead. This is not a record many developers can boast of. The Akshay Group has achieved this only because they value their responsibility and commitment towards their customer’s, so highly.

- MR. A.R MEHTA, Licensed BMC Architect (A.R. Mehta and Associates)

Akshay Group have always stressed on using the best quality steel & cement, without worrying about the budget.

I have had a very extensive career in the construction industry and have met all kinds of developers. Many of them have tried to pinch pennies by requesting me to compromise on the quality & quantity of the steel & cement used. Such requests have often infuriated me as it is my primary responsibility to give a safe & sturdy RCC structure to the people living in my buildings. This is exactly why I feel much supported by the Akshay Group. They have always stressed on using the best quality steel & cement, without worrying about the budget. There is a regular certification of the materials used on the construction sites, through frequent lab tests. This is precisely what helps me deliver the strongest and the steadiest RCC structures for their buildings, which make them a safe & protected habitat, for their customers, over decades.

-MR. NARENDRA DESAI, RCC Structure’s Architect, Desai Associates

With Akshay Group, I can be rest assured that my client society’s demands will be duly considered & accommodated and everything committed to the society with be promptly & meticulously met..

Being a real estate agent is a very stressful job as you are the sole mediator between the society undergoing redevelopment & the developer. It is also a very responsible job as the client society completely trusts & depends on your expertise and advice. I, therefore, ensure that I work only with dependable developers who I know will stand by their commitments. This is why working with the Akshay Group is something that I prefer. Also, since the sale flats of the Akshay Group are so well planned, keeping in mind the consumer needs, getting buyers for these flat has never been an issue. I have had a long standing affiliation of 15 years with the Company and I gladly look forward to many more fruitful years together.

-MR. BHAVESH POONATER, Estate Agent, Bhavin Estate