Bank testimonials

Akshay Group has an immaculate track record of having all its past projects authenticated and sanctioned for Home Loans, by Banks & other Financial Institutions, for its customers. These Financial Institutions have been extremely confident of our ventures and have always provided their Financial Services to everyone aspiring to buy flats in our buildings.

A few years back when our Bank was approached to secure a Home Loan for a customer aspiring to buy a property in one of Akshay Group’s Elite projects, as per our set process, we adhered to scrutiny norms of the project & also of Akshay Groups track record. Due to the ticket size being a lot bigger, we demanded for an even more detailed understanding of the projects legal work. We were impressed to discover that the Group had gone about its paperwork in a very transparent and professional manner with an impressive track record backing them. Every project of theirs had been completed on time and as per complete satisfaction of the BMC. Our team of Legal & Statistical advisors, at the Bank, recognizing Akshay Group as a very Dependable Developer, found no reason to hold back the Customer’s Home Loan and the application was smoothly sanctioned.

- Manager, Corporation Bank

The Akshay Group’s excellent track record would easily help them get Bank Loans passed for their projects.

The Akshay Group has sustained its reputation as a strong and reliable Developer for years. They are one of the few Developers who have managed to create a mark for themselves in the Construction Industry without taking any Financial support from outside. And that is precisely the reason why they were able to meet their commitments and match up to their deadlines even during the phase when the Real Estate Market had taken a massive hit. The Akshay Group’s excellent track record would easily help them get such Bank Loans passed for their projects. But despite that they still refuse to undertake ventures by taking Loans. Their philosophy of ‘Complete Financial Independence’ is what has today made them such a Trustworthy Organization.

- Manager, Bank of India