Impossible is not our word. We believe in providing solutions that make a difference to not just the elite class but to the Society as a whole. Hence, we aspire to change the face of Real Estate in Mumbai by combining the best practices of Architecture with Low Cost home lifestyle solutions. We envision a Redeveloped Mumbai with old dilapidated structures replaced by multi-storeyed buildings equipped with the latest Global Technologies and yet within the financial reach of every income group.

OUR Mission

All our resources and expertise are dedicated to finding innovative construction solutions that will benefit the Society for generations to come. We strive to create a team of enthusiastic and like-minded individuals, who, like us, believe in making the impossible possible… A team that is devoted and committed to just one cause - providing world class Housing and Amenities at affordable prices.


Architecture that commands attention, constructions built to last, aesthetic finishes and fitments, life-enriching amenities... all come seamlessly together to create spaces that bespeak a style of living high above the rest. And empower us to greet every challenge with a resounding refrain of “Yes, Possible!” The Akshay Group sources much of its values from those characteristic of the mighty lion. It’s not just our foundation but what is also instilled in our employees that make up for the Corporate Values of the Akshay Group.







And above all,