Kandivali (East), Mumbai

The landlords of a weak dilapidated building were on the lookout for a Construction Developer of repute, to redeveloptheir old building. The search went on for nothing less than five years. In the period of which, the landlords scrutinized the works of most major real estate development firms in their vicinity, scanning every pros and cons, every detailing. And after a lot of deliberation with their existing Tenants, Akshay Group was finalized to be entrusted with the old buildings redevelopment and thus Sai Astha was born.

Type: Residential

Configuration: 1,2 & 3 BHK

Sai Astha is a distinguished residential building strategically located at Ashok Nagar off Akruli Road at Kandivali (East). The project is easily accessible from the Western Express Highway, Kandivali Station as well as Shopping Malls, Business Houses, Entertainment and Fine Dining. Sai Astha, an 8 storied masterpiece offers exquisitely designed 1,2 & 3 bedroom luxurious apartments with multi level parking offering premium amenities and facilities.

what people have to say

Before taking any decision, I insisted on meeting the person at the helm of the Company and not mere executives at the Akshay Group. To my surprise Arora sahib, the M.D. of the Company, made himself available almost right away. His down to earth nature and the his sincere humility inspired great faith in me. He truly won my confidence which was subsequently also emulated in the reconstruction redevelopment of our building justified through all his commitments that he promptly fulfilled during the course of this venture. When I had started looking for Developers for redeveloping my property I was absolutely sure that the reliability of the developer would be my ace priority. I did my research for at least 5 years and in the course of my research the buildings of the Akshay Group prominently stood out both in terms transparency and the smoothness of the venture. This was enough for me to finalize the Akshay Group for the Redevelopment of my Property. I distinctly remember that 7 buildings including mine, from our locality, had gone for redevelopment at the same time in 2010. Construction work for 4 of those buildings has stopped completely, some due to lack of funds and others due to failure in obtaining BMC sanctions. In a couple of cases the old buildings have not yet been demolished. Today I have moved back into my new home with my family. I THANK MY STARS TO HAVE TRUSTED ARORA SAHIB WITH MY HOME AND NOT THE OTHERS. I HAVE BEEN LUCKY INDEED.

- Landlord

I am really glad that our landlord chose such a good Developer as Anil Aroraji’s Company is, to carry out the Redevelopment of our building. Not once did the Akshay Group discriminate between the Quality of our flats & their Sale flats. Now, I have shifted back into my new house as a Proud Owner.

- Tenant

We all have dreams to own a house in Mumbai someday. It has such a great prestige value attached to it. Considering how the property rates have shot up in Mumbai, this dream had begun to dwindle at one point. But then this Redevelopment venture happened. And just like that, after having lived for years decades as a tenant, I now own my own flat have become the owner of a flat in Mumbai. During the course of this venture all our demands were considered and discussed over with utmost dedication. IN FACT, THE EXECUTIVES AND ARCHITECTS OF Akshay Group WENT OUT OF THEIR WAY TO INCORPORATE SMALL NUANCES TO OUR FLAT DESIGNS - CHANGES CUSTOM MADE FOR EACH OF THE TENANTS. We half expected our requests to be dismissed off but not once did they make us feel like a burden on them. It has truly elevated our lives.

- Tenant

In the year 2000, I had bought a flat in one of Akshay Group’s initial projects - Sai Sadan. The group hadn’t done much work before that, and there was no way to gauge how reliable the developers would be. Since I was unsure, I asked for all the documentation required so as to verify everything concerning the Title of the land, the conveyance of the Society and other basic checks. After consulting my lawyers everything seemed to be perfectly in place. There seemed to be absolute transparency in the way this company operated. I decided to go ahead and buy the flat. However, I insisted that every small detail safeguarding my interest must be penned down and mentioned in the Sale Agreement of the flat. To my surprise, there was absolutely no resistance from Akshay Group’s side to this request of mine too. IN FACT, WHEN I READ THE SALE AGREEMENT I REALIZED THAT THEY HAD NOT ONLY INCLUDED EVERYTHING I HAD REQUESTED FOR, BUT HAD ALSO ADDED CERTAIN CLAUSES SAFEGUARDING MY INTERESTS, WHICH I HAD HAPPENED TO MISS OUT ON. This spoke a lot about the vision and philosophy of this company. They wanted to move forward and grow, yes, but in the right manner.

Over the years I have seen Akshay Group develop a lot more buildings, and with it, I have seen their brand soar and rise too. Sai Sadan has been in such excellent condition that we have hardly needed any major repair works. , In 2012, when I was in a lookout for yet another flat, Akshay Group was the first Developer I approached. And as soon as they announced their project Sai Astha, I went ahead and booked a flat in it. As usual, I was promised possession in 2014 and, true to their word, I was given possession of my flat bang on time.

- Dr. Mahesh Swami, Flat Buyer