corporate social responsibility

We at Akshay Group firmly believe in the fact that as a privileged entity, it is our responsibility to give back to the society, in ways more than one. And as such, we as a corporate body have previously undertaken many socially catering activities for the masses and still continue to do it. We are proud to announce that we have -

Made provisions for safety harnesses and equipment at all our construction sites for the site workers


Made available the arrangement of free nutritious meals at least once a week


Conducted educational programs on topics ranging from how to improve efficiency at work and on how to lead a progressive and responsible life


Affiliations with several NGO’s in the past contributing immensely toward the education and the welfare of underprivileged children from the poor sections of the society


Identified Slum Rehabilitation as one of the primary needs of the city and have conducted specific board meetings to address the same. The corresponding measures taken will soon be reflected in our future ventures


Affirmed the incorporation of “Go Green” agenda in our future projects through the environment-friendly planning in our projects, so as to provide the society with healthy lifestyle options


Borne all expenses towards the reconstruction of a temple belonging to the Koli Community, adjacent to the Riviera project in Versova. Though it was dilapidated, the temple nevertheless inspired great faith and following from the local Koli Community. To encourage and enable these religious sentiments, the Akshay Group took on the task of reconstructing this temple on a grander scale


Within the purview of environmental feasibility, the Akshay Group has devised and initiated green schemes in its architectures. We strive to make sure that our architectural features leave behind minimal environmental footprints. Besides, the fusion of sustainable architecture in our daily endeavours has only helped us in furthering a greener cause. We strictly adhere to deployment of environment-friendly technologies and equipment in the following ways,

Water Harvesting & Reusing

Double-glazed, thermally Insulated window panes and gas pipes

Solar Energy generation through
use of Photo-Voltaic Cells

Non-Toxic, biodegradable
materials used

Use of CFL in light-fittings